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The eleven installments which form the centerpiece of this website were written by Kristen Lokemoen and originally published in Show-Me Missouri magazine during the Bicentennial commemoration of the Lewis & Clark Trail (2003-2006).

The home page introductions, the two research papers and the blog posts listed below were written by historian, writer and tour operator Shebby Lee.

mountain man resizedLewis & Clark and the Fur Trade

While most American school children are taught that Lewis & Clark opened up the West to the fur trade and subsequent settlement of the West, the facts simply don’t support this theory.  The expedition headed up by Captains Lewis & Clark (1804-1806) occurred closer to the end of the fur trade era than the beginning.  Learn how this misconception came about and why it isn’t true.

map_compassHow the Lewis & Clark Expedition Influenced America’s Road System

The Lewis & Clark Trail – as iconic as it has become to all Americans – was in reality only traveled once, by the Corps of Discovery itself.  Its prime purpose was to open commerce to China via the Northwest Passage.  Everyone in the world not only believed that the Northwest Passage existed, but that it would solve all the transportation problems of North America.  When the expedition proved that it did not in fact exist, it forced those in power to re-examine their priorities and change policy which had been in place for hundreds of years.

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If this still doesn’t satisfy your thirst for information on what Thomas Jefferson called the greatest adventure in American history, here is Shebby Lee’s personal bibliography on the subject.  While she doesn’t necessarily recommend all of them, she has read every single one!

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